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Best Yacht Rental Services in Qatar

In Qatar, you can enjoy various water sport activities like Surfing, Boat Rides, Scuba Diving, Kayaking and Yacht rides. Also, the country promotes such activities well. Qatar also attracts international tourists by showcasing their water sports activities.

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If you are searching for the best and easy accessible Yacht rental places in Qatar, you are at the right place. Here I will share the details of best Yacht rental services in Qatar.

Best Places to Enjoy Yacht Rides in Qatar

Qatar has several locations where you can enjoy Yacht rides. Majority of them are located in Doha, the capital city or a few kilometers away from this city. Below are the best places for Yacht rentals in Doha Qatar.

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The Pearl Qatar

Pearl Qatar has the best Yacht options in Qatar. There are hundreds of Yachts available here waiting for tourists. This place is completed in European style of architecture. Here, you can see artificially built locations to enjoy Yacht rides and other water sports activities. This is also one of the best places that tourists visiting Qatar likes to spend the most, especially the visitors from Europe and America. I’m sure that most of you will enjoy this place and wish to come back here again.


Lusail is the second best place for people who love Yacht rides. Pearl Qatar and Lusail are the two places that the rich tourists and VIP people spend their time the most in Qatar. There are lots of Yachts and rental services surrounding Lusail and Lusail Marina.

Doha Corniche

Doha corniche is an awesome place for yachting. Unlike Lusail and Pearl Qatar, this location is more open and enjoyable. You have easy access to various places from here.

As Corniche is a more open and not much VIP place like the Pearl Qatar, the cost for yacht rental in Doha might be lesser. This is one of the best place to enjoy the yacht ride in the capital city.

Best Yacht Rentals in Doha Qatar

Here is the list of Best Yacht rental services in Doha Qatar. Yacht charter services in Doha.

Marsa Marine Entertainment

Yacht Rentals in Pearl Qatar
Yacht Rentals in Pearl Qatar

Marsa Marine yacht rental services is located in the Pearl Qatar, is one of the best water entertainment provider in Doha. They have the best customer reviews for their services on Google ratings. According to reviews, people who have previously used says they provide excellent hospitality.

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Marsa Marine also have good staff with them. Not only yacht rides, they cover other water sport activities too.

Location: The Pearl Qatar

Book a Yacht Rental in Pearl Qatar: +974 5000 8815

Doha Yachts

Yacht Rental in Lusail Marina, Qatar
Yacht Rental in Lusail Marina, Qatar

Doha Yachts is one of the popular yacht rental in Qatar. The yacht services are available in Lusail Marina, Qatar.

According to people who have rated their service, if you are with your family, its best to start the yacht ride in the early morning.

Location: Lusail Marina, Qatar

Book a Yacht rental in Lusail: +974 3000 4499

Sealine Yachts

Sealine Yachts is a best company to charter yachts in the Pearl Qatar. People might get confused with the name ‘Sealine’ as they are located in Sealine beach, Musaieed – Qatar.

People who have rated their service says Sealine Yachts have the best crew with them and offers one of the best experience in Qatar. The way they maintain the cleanliness and inside of the yacht is also appreciated.

Location: The Pearl Qatar

Book a Yacht: 3336 6820

Venice Yacht

Interior of Yacht services in Doha Qatar
Interior of Yacht services in Doha Qatar

Venice Yacht is popular yacht rental in Qatar. They have several yachts like Lora, Yacht 50, Azimut etc. They have facilities like bedrooms, toilets, indoor saloon, outdoor seating and tan seating.

Venice Yachts have well maintained vehicles and are available in affordable prices. People says their service is very planned, professional and respects privacy of the customers.

Location: The Pearl Qatar

Book a Yacht: 6666 0536

How to Book a Yacht in Qatar

Booking a Yacht for rent in Qatar is very easy. All you have to do is to find a way to contact a yacht rental service first.

To book a yacht, you can either call them via phone or visit their hub in Qatar directly. Places in Qatar like Lusail, Pearl, and Corniche have a lot of similar services. During seasons or while a big event is going on in the city, you might need to book the yacht early as it may get booked already by other people.

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