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How to Reach Lusail Boulevard by Metro

Lusail Boulevard is one of the top attractions in the Lusail city. The city is located around 25 kms away from Doha. This place is covered with beautifully lined buildings, trees and has a good city planning. Some people even says they feel like they are in New York Times Square.

As Lusail boulevard is near to Doha, the capital city, you have several ways to easily reach here. You can use either metro service, public bus transportation, a taxi cab or even your own vehicle to reach here. But people often prefer Doha metro to reach Lusail as its the fastest and most convenient way.

Here, let us check out how to reach Lusail boulevard by metro the easy way.

How to Reach Lusail Boulevard by Metro

Estimate Cost : 2 QAR

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Time Needed : 00 days 00 hours 50 minutes

Follow the steps below to reach Lusail Boulevard the easiest way.

  1. Go to Msheireb metro station.

    Msheireb is a metro junction where all trains meet.

  2. Enter a Red line metro train towards Lusail.

    Get into a metro train on the Red line towards Lusail.

  3. Exit at Lusail metro station.

    Lusail is the last stop of red line metro route at one end.

  4. Walk towards Lusail Boulevard.

    Lusail Boulevard is few meters walk away from the Lusail metro station.

Travel tips for Lusail Boulevard travelers

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  • There is a few meters distance from Lusail metro station to Lusail boulevard. So if you don’t want to walk, its better to use the metrolink service or hire a taxi cab to reach the boulevard. But by walking, you can enjoy the beauty of the city.
  • This place looks amazing at night.
  • You can also use a combination of metro train and Lusail tram service, but its time consuming and not straight.


  1. Where can I see the 3D lion in Lusail?

    The large 3D billboard in Lusail is located at the main traffic junction in Lusail boulevard. There often displays a 3D video of lion walking on it.

  2. Which is the closest metro station to Lusail Boulevard?

    Lusail is the closest metro station to Lusail boulevard. You can reach Lusail metro station and walk a few meters to reach the boulevard.

  3. Which is the best time to visit Lusail Boulevard?

    The best time to visit Lusail boulevard is at night. During this time, you can enjoy the city, its vibe and mainly the lighted buildings. The best time is from 8 PM to 11 PM.

  4. How much is the metro ticket fare to Lusail boulevard?

    The metro train fare to reach Lusail boulevard just costs QAR 2. This is because it's the default ticket fare of Doha metro for a single train journey to any stop.

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