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Top 5 Tourist Destinations in Qatar [Must Visit]

Qatar is a small country, but with a very less population. The numbers of people residing in Qatar are very higher than that of citizens. But, even though Qatar is a small country, it has a lot of tourist destinations to visit. Also, you have the facilities to easily access these places.

Jobs in Qatar

The tradition and culture of Qatar is very popular in the world. Qatar has Islamic rules and systems in the country. Top attractions in Qatar are traditional architectures and buildings, cultural events, Arabic food, beaches and skyscrapers.

One of the benefit visiting Qatar is, it’s a small country rich in tourist spots. You can travel from one end to another in around two hours by road. You can visit a lot of places in your limited time, and each spots will provide you a different level of satisfaction. Here, let us check out the 5 best tourist destinations in Qatar. These places are very much loved by international tourists visiting Qatar.

Top 5 Tourist Destinations in Qatar

Check out the top 5 most loved tourist destinations in Qatar that you must visit.

Katara Cultural Village

Katara Cultural Village is located in Doha city, near the West Bay area. This place has a lot of star rated hotels. Katara recreates a small local cultural village by the sea. Also, a lot of traditional and cultural events takes place here in the tourist season.

The buildings in Katara Cultural Village are finished in Roman and Greek architecture with a small touch of traditional Arab architecture. This place has an outdoor air conditioned street.

Katara hosts exhibitions, and has beaches, hotels, local and international restaurants. If you want to see Qatari people in their traditional wardrobe, this is one of the best place.

To reach Katara Cultural Village, exit at Katara metro station on the red line.


Lusail is a newly finished city in Qatar, also known as Future City of Qatar. Lusail is rich in tourist spots. It is a planned city with beautiful skyscrapers, beaches and more. The way the city is built and maintained should be appreciated. It has marinas, modern residential areas, commercial districts, luxury shopping spots, awesome beaches and man-made islands. Al Maha Island and Qetaifan Island are loved by tourists.

Jobs in Qatar

Lusail is also one of the best places for yacht rentals, fishing and other water sport activities in Qatar. This city also has an underground tram network that provides access to most of the top destinations in the city.

The Pearl Qatar

The Pearl is the first man-made island in Qatar. This place has luxury retail, hotel, food & dining and automobile outlets. Top places in The Pearl Qatar are Viva Bahriya, Porto Arabia, Qanat Quartier, Madeena Centrale etc.

  • Qanat Quartier has a man-made lake which looks similar to Venice.
  • Porto Arabia has indoor and outdoor premium retail outlets and restaurants.
  • Madeena Centrale is the business part of the city, and also has restaurants and retail stores.

Souq Waqif

If you want to learn more about Qatar’s tradition and culture, Souq Waqif is one of the best place you can visit. This is one of the best places suggested for foreign tourists visiting Qatar.

Souvenirs to Buy while You Visit Qatar

Souq Waqif has a lot of outlets or local shops that sell traditional items. You can also purchase them. You can buy spices, textiles, birds, traditional wears etc. The vibe that you get in Souq Waqif is different.

Souq Waqif is located in the Corniche area of Doha city, easy accessible by metro orange line. ‘Souq Waqif’ in Arabic means a ‘standing market’. You can see low-rise buildings which are made of traditional stones and covered with mud. These looks like old buildings, but are built recently.

Education City

Education City in Qatar has a lot of educational and research institutions. But it’s not just an education related place as the name suggests. It has a lot for the foreigners and tourists to see. The Qatar National National Library is must visit location here. The architecture design of this complex is amazing. Also, QNL is one of the best libraries in the world, one of the largest in the Middle East.

Oxygen Park is another place to visit in Education City. It is a park for early morning exercise, jogging, evening walk and to spend time with your family. This park also has a long air-conditioned walkway and lush greenery.

Al Shaqab is another place, an impressive equestrian center where horses are trained. Education City is easily accessible by both Doha Metro and Tram services.

Best Time to Visit Qatar

If you are planning for a visit to Qatar for tourism purposes, then do not forget to check for the best seasons. As the climate in Qatar is very hot, you should pick the best appropriate time to visit. The temperature will rise as high as fifties. And in winter, the temperature in Qatar sometimes goes below zero.

Summer season in Qatar is usually from April to start of October. And the cool winter season is from November till February. When the winter season begins, a lot of tourist events and activities starts in the country. The weather during winter season in Qatar is amazing. The problem with summer is that it’s very difficult to walk outside in the hot.

So, the best time preferred to visit Qatar is from November to March. Please note that, in the months of December-January, the weather will be very cold in the morning too. So you have to wear a jacket while you go outside.

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Top 5 Tourist Destinations in Qatar
Top 5 Tourist Destinations in Qatar