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8 Best Places to Buy iPhone in Qatar

Demand for iPhones is very high in Qatar. Apple iPhones are purchased by both Qatari citizens, residents and travelers too. There are several reasons behind this.

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In Qatar you have option to buy iPhones by visiting local stores or online.

Qatar is a very small country, so when you order products from online stores, it will be often delivered the same day or within two days. If you are in Doha, the chance is high that you receive the same day.

You might be worried about where to buy iPhone in Qatar. If you are searching for the best place to buy Apple iPhones in Qatar, you are at the right place. Here, we will have a look at the best iPhone sellers/suppliers in Qatar.

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Why People Prefer to Buy iPhone in Qatar

People often prefer to buy iPhones in Qatar because the price of smartphones are very cheap in Qatar compared to many other countries. Also, you don’t have to pay high amount of tax. For example, iPhone prices in Qatar are far cheaper than that of India.

The citizens of Qatar are usually rich, and often prefer to buy premium or high end smartphones like Apple iPhone 14. Qatar is also one of the country with good amount of tourists visiting every year. And as you might know, there are large amount of expats in Qatar, who like to buy a premium smartphone before they go back to their home country.

Best Places to Buy iPhone in Qatar

Amazon or other big e-commerce companies are not much popular in Qatar. Here, you have a lot of local websites to purchase smartphones or gadgets online. Or you can also buy from local stores.

Here, I have the list of best online iPhone sellers in Qatar. I hope this will help you purchase iPhone from the best online stores as I have experience and researched a lot about these.

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Al Anees Qatar

Al Anees is the best online website people in Qatar prefer to buy an iPhone, other smartphones or any electronic gadgets. Al Anees Qatar is a dedicated website that sells electronics and gadgets. The latest Apple iPhone models like iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro etc. are available at the best price in Qatar.

I have personal experience buying items from their store. Their customer service and delivery process is simple and smooth. One of the other advantage buying iPhone from Al Anees Qatar is that you can chat with them on WhatsApp and enquire more product information at the same time.

Al Anees also have physical store location in Qatar, so you can go and directly buy or collect a brand new iPhone.

Jarir Bookstore

Jarir Bookstore, as their tagline suggests, is not just a bookstore. They are one of the best electronics and gadget sellers in Qatar. This have several outlets across Qatar. Most shoppers who prefer Jarir Bookstore are those who need the best quality products, and shopping experience. They sell Apple iPhones at reasonable prices and gives you a good instore purchase experience.

Ansar Gallery

Ansar Gallery has multiple branches in Doha – Qatar. You can buy iPhones at best prices here. Their online store is not much popular. People often prefer purchasing from their physical store locations.

Ooredoo Qatar

Ooredoo is one of the popular mobile network and internet provider in Qatar. Ooredoo is mostly preferred by Qatar citizens. Their services are very professional. You can purchase new smartphones including latest Apple iPhones directly from their online website.

Starlink Qatar

Starlink is a well known electronics and gadgets seller in Qatar. Also, it is one of the best places to buy iPhone in Qatar.

One thing that I noted on their website is that they often have latest smartphones in stock. This is a site that I will recommend to buy premium smartphones in Qatar.

Safari Hypermarket

Safari has a special section for mobile phones in their Safari Mall, Abu Hamour. I have seen lot of people like to shop here for latest electronics.

Safari Hypermarket often provides promotions and offers for Apple iPhone models. Check out their offer flyers to see latest prices. Or download their mobile application.

Safari Mall, Abu Hamour offers fast home delivery in Qatar. They will deliver your online ordered goods the next day.

Lulu Hypermarket

Lulu is a popular hypermarket network in the middle east. They have more than 10 outlets. You can see Lulu stores often when you travel via Doha city. You can buy from them by directly visiting an outlet or online. They have online facilities like website and mobile application.

Vodafone Qatar

Vodafone Qatar has a range of premium smartphones in Qatar. As mentioned on their website, your order will be delivered within 3 hours inside Doha. They have the latest iPhone models in stock. Also, they often provides iPhones at best price in Qatar.

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