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8 Best Places for Karak in Qatar

Are you a Karak lover? If you have ever lived in Qatar, then there is more chances that you are a Karak lover.

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Karak is a part of Qatari culture. You can get it locally available in most cafeterias and tea shops around the country. Karak is a type of tea that is popular in the Middle East. It has been around a long time and it’s still one of the most popular tea in Qatar.

It’s usually served with light snacks like Samosa, sandwich or with dates and nuts. Karak can be found in many places around Qatar including grocery stores, bakeries and restaurants. Here, let us check out the best places to have a cup of Karak in Qatar.

7 Best Places for Karak in Qatar

I suggest these cafe’s if you want to taste a good and refreshing cup of Karak in Qatar.

Tea Time

TeaTime Qatar
TeaTime Qatar

Tea Time is the most popular cafeteria network in Qatar with 40+ outlets. The main thing they are known for is the Karak. Tea Time has branches in most locations of the country. Now because of its popularity among Qatari citizens and residents, it has become a well known brand name in Qatar.

Tea Time has a wide range of Tea and Coffee for you to choose from. Whenever you visit a Tea Time cafeteria in Qatar, you can see its crowded most times. Even though thier one riyal Karak is on high demand in Doha, you can get larger sizes at two or more Qatari riyals. Tea Time has outlets through out the major locations in Doha, Qatar.

Chapati & Karak

Chapati & Karak Doha Qatar - Best Karak in Qatar
Chapati & Karak

Chapati & Karak is a well known cafe network among both Qatari citizens and residents. It has two branches in Katara, Doha – Qatar. Karak is one of the best to have item in the menu. And also, you can enjoy the Karak with a lovely sea view in Katara side. You can often find people appreciating the taste of Karak in Chapati and Karak.

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Chapati & Karak offers their food items at a reasonable price. The staff are fast and efficient too. Along with Karak, you also have a veriety of light snacks to choose from. Its a calm and nice place, but often crowded on weekends. Another good thing that you will love at Chapati & Karak is the outer dining. You can sip a cup of Karak, and at the same time you can enjoy the place.

MRA Markhiya

MRA Markhiya
MRA outlet in Markhiya, Qatar

MRA has multiple branches in Qatar. But their Karak from the Markhiya outlet is more popular. Other than the Karak, other food choices in MRA like ghee rice and beef, chicken fried rice etc. are also very yummy.

I have personally heard lot of people saying good comments about the Karak in MRA. Also, MRA is a great place if you would like to taste some good Indian food in Qatar. Even though its a restaurant with Indian food, their Kerala food items are the best loved among people in Qatar.

Karak Mqanes

Karak Mqanes
Tea from Karak Mqanes

If you ask people in Qatar for where you can sip the best Karak, you can see lot of people say, its Karak Mqanes. It’s one of the best spots for a good cup of Karak in Qatar. They have several branches across the country. Another thing that makes Karak Mqanes stand out is their wide range of breakfast options.

The one thing that you will find special in Karak Mqanes is their Karak with Saffron. Even though its a bit costly than the regular Karak, it can give you a good experience. It takes good and you can feel its uniqueness. Like most other cafeterias in Qatar, Karak Mqanes too is often found crowded, especially during the evening time.


Zanjabeel Ain Khaled

Other than just Karak, Zanjabeel also has a variety of fresh juices, shakes, sandwiches and burgers. Zanjabeel is located in Ain Khaled, Qatar. If you are coming from the Doha side, you reach here via Salwa road, and take left after Al Aziziya city.

Food service in Zanjabeel is appreciated by many. And the cost of food items is also reasonable, i.e., your pocket will not get empty by having a good cup of Karak and some snacks.

Al Naimi Cafeteria Old Airport

Food Menu in Al Naimi Cafeteria Old Airport
Food Menu in Al Naimi Cafeteria Old Airport

Old Airport, also known as Mathar Qadeem is a place where you can find a lot of Asian people. And Karak as most of you might know, is part of their culture.

Karak and burgers from Al Naimi Cafeteria is very delicious and affordable. Now you have facilities to order from your home using food delivery apps like Talabat. Al Naimi cafeteria was offering free food delivery on Talabat.

Tea Madeena

Tea Madeena located in Old Airport (Mathar Qadeem) is one of the best places to sip a good cup of Karak tea in Doha. Also, it’s one of the best places to meet your friends and have a tea with some snacks. People reviewed their Samosa as vey tasty.

Tea Madeena Old Airport
Customer review of Tea Madeena Old Airport

Tea Madena also have some cool Indian snacks worth trying. They offer light snacks at reasonable prices and with good taste.

Karak Barzan

Karak Barzan
Karak Barzan

Karak Barzan has several cafe outlets in Doha, Qatar. In 2022, they also opened a new branch in Al Aziziya street, Doha. I have personally seen a lot of people saying good words about the Karak, snacks and their customer service.

Karak Barzan usually has small cafe outlets, but their food items are worth going for. Their outlet in Madina Khalifa is the most popular.

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