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Garangao Festival – All You Need To Know

“Garangao” is a Ramadan tradition that is commonly celebrated by children throughout Qatar and other Middle East Arab countries in the middle of the holy month Ramadan. Let us check out more about the Garangao, and things you need to know about Garangao celebration in Qatar.

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  1. What is Garangao celebration in Qatar?

    During this night, you can see children roaming around the streets wearing traditional and vibrant Middle Eastern dresses and singing traditional songs. They will go door to door to meet their neighbors and receive gifts and nuts.

Origin of the Arabic word Garangao

The word ‘Garangao’ is believed to be originated from the word ‘Gara’, which was used in the Middle East region, which means the sound of things knocking together. This is similar to the sound of the sweets and nuts in the hands of children that they carry arround.

Another explanation is that, the word “Garangao’ comes from the sound of children knocking the doors of their neighbors, or the sound of pebbles children carry when they sing and walk together in the streets.

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In Qatar, you can still see this during the middle of the month Ramadan. Some of the organizations are now organizing such events in the country. Its very nice to watch the children roaming through the streets, and also this is create a great experience for the children.

Garangao celebration in Katara Cultural Village

Katara cultural village plans routes for children and even has gifts for this special day at various points.

Where can you get sweets and gifts for Garangao celebration

There are many places to buy sweets, nuts etc. for Garangao. Souq Waqif is one of them. You can buy Garangao gifts from Souq Waqif including ten different types of nuts for QR 50 to QR 200. You can also purchase the wooden covering boxes from here in less than QR 100.

Souq Waqif is one of the best places in Qatar to buy Garangao gifts. You can also get them in local markets in various locations across Qatar. Some of the items that can be included in the gift are cashew nuts, walnuts etc.

Children’s dressing on Garangao Festival

During the Garangao festival, you can see group of children walking through the streets wearing traditional Qatari clothes. Boys wear traditional Qatari dress which include Thawb, jacket, cap etc. And girls in traditional gowns with embroidery and gold jewelry like traditional gowns with embroidery and gold jewelry like earrings, necklaces, and bangles and earrings.

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Locations where Garangao Festival is commonly celebrated.

These are some of the locations in Qatar where Garangao is usually celebrated.

  1. Katara Cultural Village
  2. National Museum of Qatar
  3. The Gate Mall
  4. Aspire Zone Al Aziziya
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