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What is Samovar Tea in Qatar – Samovar Tea vs Karak

If you have ever lived in Qatar for a few months, you might have heard of the popular Samovar tea and the Karak tea. Middle Eastern countries, especially Qatar has a range of teas that you can taste. And their tea culture is entirely different from other parts of the world.

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It’s normal to see people in Qatar sipping Tea while you walking through the streets. This is part of their culture. In this article we will have a look at some of the popular teas available commonly in the streets of Qatar.

What is Samovar Tea in Qatar

Samovar tea in Qatar is a special tea that is prepared in a kettle made up of copper. This tea is popular among the South Indians living in Qatar. Unlike normal tea, the hot water is boiled in a huge pot known as Samovar, and fresh milk is then added to it.

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The taste of Samovar tea is similar to the local Indian chai. You will feel a taste of freshness after you sip a cup of it.

Where can you get Samovar Tea in Qatar

Even though Kara tea is widely available in Qatar, Samovar tea is usually only available in tea shops run by South Indians. You can see special notice cards displayed outside tea shops run by South Indians, especially Keralites.

Those tea shops run by Kerala people will have two hot bottle kept on stoves, one for Karak and the other for Samovar tea.

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Difference between Karak and Samovar tea

Difference between Karak and Samovar tea in Qatar

Karak tea is usually produced using a combination of tea, milk, water, tea, sugar, and cardamom that’s cooked together and then simmered over a low flame to bring out the flavor. You also have option to add few pieces of ginger or mint leaves for a more catchy hit.

But in shops across Qatar, you can see flavored or creamy milk which comes in a packed tin is widely used. And the taste of the tea is superb. But in Samovar tea, fresh milk is added instead of packed milk.

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Karak is usually loved by Arabs while Samovar is popular among Asian people, mainly Indians.

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Which is the most popular tea in Qatar

The most popular tea in Qatar is Karak and Kahwa (Arabic coffee). But the Kahwa coffee is not available in local shops across Qatar. Even though Samovar is popular across the country, it is mainly consumed by Indian residents living in Qatar.

When you go to local markets or streets in Qatar, you can see a lot of Qatari citizens and other Arabs sipping a cup of Karak in their cars.

Price of Samovar and Karak tea in Qatar

The price of Samovar tea in Qatar is two Qatari Riyals while Karak is available at just 1 QR. Its little bit costly compared to the price of Karak. But it is said that, the price is because of the freshness of the tea.

Price of Samovar tea in Qatar – 2 QR

Price of Karak tea in Qatar – 1 QR


Where can you drink Kahwa in Qatar?

Even though Kahwa is popular in Qatar, you may not find it available in local tea shops. If you want to taste a cup of Kahwa, it’s usually possible only when you are invited as a guest to a Qatari house, or a Majlis.

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