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How to get Metrolink Free Ticket in Mowasalat Karwa Bus App

In this post, I will show you how you can get a FREE ticket for Doha Metro Metrolink services in your Mowasalat Karwa Bus app. A lot of electric buses were introduced in Doha recently which cover Metro linking services from Qatar’s top metro stations. Now you can get a free Metrolink E-ticket to enjoy Metrolink ride without any cost.

Here, we will check out how to get your free Metrolink ticket from the Mowasalat Karwa app. You are allowed to use the Metrolink connection buses to travel with this free ticket. Metrolink buses are usually used to take Doha metro travelers to their destination points nearby every metro stations in Qatar.

It’s better to know how to use a Metrolink E-ticket because these services are now common in Doha. And more people people now started to depend on Doha Metro for their day to day travel.

Metrolink services in some cases are also used to take travelers to different metro stations if any repair work is going on in a metro station. Previously, you were only required to just punch the Doha Metro card before you enter the bus.

How to get Metrolink Ticket in Mowasalat Karwa Bus App

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Time Needed : 00 days 00 hours 03 minutes

Follow the steps below to download and get a free Metrolink ticket from Mowasalat Karwa Bus app.

  1. Install Mowasalat Karwa Bus app on your device.

    Android users can download the Karwa Bus app from the Google Play Store. iOS users can download the Karwa Bus app from the Apple App Store.

  2. Sign in to your Mowasalat account.

    Create a new account on the app, or login to your existing account.

  3. Click on 'Download an E-ticket'.

    You can see the button at the Home page.

  4. Click on 'Metro Link QR Ticket'.

    Your ticket will be now displayed in a golden colour with name 'Metro Link QR Ticket – Free'.

Done. Now you have successfully created your free Metrolink services ticket from the Mowasalat Karwa Bus app.

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How to Validate your Metrolink E-ticket

The Metrolink E-ticket is very easy to use.

You can easily validate your Metrolink E-ticket by just showing the ticket machine in any Metrolink connection bus. Open the Karwa Bus app on your device and face the E-ticket towards the ticket machine while you enter a Metrolink bus. Now you will be able to see a successful notification displayed on the ticket machine screen. Its the same way like you use the Karwa Bus card in a Mowasalat Bus.

Metrolink E-ticket FAQs

  1. How can I use my Metrolink E-ticket

    You can use the Metrolink E-ticket the same way that you use your Karwa Bus card. All you have to do is just validate the E-ticket before you enter a Metrolink bus.

  2. Do Metrolink FREE E-ticket expire

    The Metrolink E-ticket is free forever. You can use the same ticket multiple times for traveling. Also, you don't have to renew it to use it again.

  3. Can I use Karwa Bus card in Doha Metro

    You cannot use your Karwa Bus card in Metro. You should purchase a new Doha Metro card or use the existing one for using the metro service.

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