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Where to Recharge Karwa Bus Card in Qatar (Easy Method)

Here let us check out from where to recharge your Karwa bus card in Qatar.

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Karwa (Mowasalat) is the biggest public transport bus service in Qatar. It has thousands of buses to help people in Qatar travel from one place to another easily. Karwa buses has very good facilities and covers almost all parts of the country.

Even if there are thousands of Karwa buses, you may not have seen a single place to recharge the Karwa bus card. This is because, the places that recharge bus cards are not highlighted usually outside their office/shops. But, there are a lot of places that helps you recharge your bus card in minutes.

How to Check Balance on Karwa Bus Card

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Where to Recharge Karwa Bus Card in Qatar

These are the places where you can recharge your Karwa bus card in Qatar.

Bus Stations

You can easily recharge your Karwa bus card in any Karwa bus stations.

There is a separate counter in Al Ghanim Bus Station (Doha Bus Station) where you can pay money to the Karwa representative to recharge your bus card. You can find this counter near to the male waiting room.

If you are in the Karwa Bus Station in the Industrial Area, there is a separate spot to recharge it.

Mobile Shops

There are a lot of mobile recharge shops in Qatar where you can recharge your Karwa bus card too. I usually prefer this method as bus stations are far from my location.

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Just go to any mobile recharge shops near you and ask for Karwa bus smart card recharge. If its available, then you can pay the amount and make the recharge. You don’t have to pay any extra fee for this recharge. Also, don’t forget to carry your bus card with you for this purpose.

Ooredoo Machines

Oooredoo recharge machines can also help you recharge your Karwa bus smart card. These machines are located in a lot of important locations in Qatar. For eg: shopping malls.

Groceries (Baqala)

Like mobile recharge shops, some groceries also have this recharge facility. You can go to any grocery ( or Baqala) and ask them to recharge.

Karwa Bus Mobile App

If you are using the Karwa bus mobile application, then you can recharge your bus card using the money in your bank account. But, if you recharge this way, the new amount may not become active instantly.

How to Recharge Karwa Bus Card Online

Time needed: 10 minutes

follow the steps below to learn how to recharge your Karwa bus card online.

  1. Download the Karwa Bus mobile app.

    Karwa Bus mobile app is available for both Android and iOS.

  2. Link Karwa Bus Card

    Add your Karwa Bus card to the app. Click on the ‘Add Karwa Smart Card’ option on the home page of the app and enter your card details to proceed.

  3. Go to card options.

    Now click on the card profile on the home page of the app.

  4. Click on ‘Online Recharge’.

    Click on the ‘Online Recharge’ button just below the card profile.

  5. Enter recharge amount.

    Now click on the ‘Recharge Amount’ button, then enter the required amount and tap on the ‘Next’ button.

  6. Choose payment method.

    Now read and check the privacy and terms section and choose your payment method.

  7. Enter account details to recharge.

    Now you have to add your account details and then follow the upcoming steps to successfully recharge your Karwa Bus card.


Where can I recharge my Karwa bus card?

You can recharge your Karwa bus card from any nearest bus stations, mobile shops, Ooredoo machines, groceries or using the Karwa Bus mobile application.

Is Karwa Bus free now?

Karwa bus service is usually not free. But in some occasions they allow free ride to selected locations. And if you are on your Metro train journey, you can use the Metro connection bus for free.

How much is the minimum fare for Karwa bus?

The minimum bus fare for Karwa bus is 3 QAR. And it can go near to 9 QAR depending on your ride. For example, you can travel from Al Aziziya to Doha Bus Station for just 3 QAR.

Is Karwa Bus Minimum Fare 2 QR?

The minimum fare for Karwa bus was QR 2.5 till the year 2022. In 2022, it was raised to 3 QR. So you need a minimum of QR 3 to travel in the Karwa public transport bus.

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