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Is Using VPN Legal in Qatar (All You Need To Know)

There are many countries which block people from accessing certain websites and web services inside their country. It is common in many countries that porn sites are usually not accessible via normal internet connection. No matter which SIM or network provider you use. Qatar is one of the country that blocks people from accessing several websites. Some of the other countries that are known in the blocking people from access to several web services are India, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Russia etc.

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Most nations block several websites to prevent harm to it’s citizen. This mainly include adult websites. Adult sites are banned in many countries and accessing them is a serious offence. Also, some cases you can see the government will stop it’s people from accessing online sites and services controlled by nations who stand against them.

In this post, we will have a look at various things you need to know before using a VPN connection in Qatar.

Can you use VPN in Qatar

A VPN secured connection is mostly used by people to access the sites that are blocked by the Internet Service Provider (ISP) in a specific location. By using a VPN, you access them as you are using from another location.

Using VPN is illegal in Qatar, if you are using it to access the websites or online services that are blocked in the country. Qatar government has blocked access to some of the sites that they feel is harmful or no good to its people. This include adult sites, gambling and betting sites etc.

Why are several websites blocked in Qatar?

Qatar like other Middle Eastern countries, has its culture and rules based on Islamic values and principles. If you have ever visited Qatar, you will came to know its culture is rich in Islamic way of living. This is the reason why most sites are blocked in the country.

The culture and values of Qatar is against several activities like watching porn, gambling, adult games etc. That’s why most of the sites related to this niche are blocked in Qatar. When you watch porn or access the blocked website, it means that you went against the values and principles against the country.

Will you go to jail if you use VPN in Qatar

There is no known cases reported that people using VPN is punished by putting into jail in Qatar. Even though you may not face any issues accessing VPN for fair web browsing, its against the nation’s policy and you are not supposed to do so.

But if you have have used VPN for a serious offence that goes against the country or its ethics, you may need to face its consequences.

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Can the government track you if you use a VPN secured connection

No matter what country you are in, the government and related agencies can track you. Whenever you use a VPN secured connection your connection is not become totally untracked. VPN connections usually changes your IP address. But your device identification code might remain the same.

Also, the government can track you with the help of the Internet Service Provider (ISP). The ISPs will have your details with them. If you do a serious offence that goes against the country’s policy, they can easily track you even you use a VPN.

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Is WhatsApp Calling blocked in Qatar

Voice calling facility from several apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram etc. are blocked in Qatar. Whenever you try to make a voice call from these apps, you will feel the connection is not clear. In some cases you might hear a blurred voice from the recipient.

Other than WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram, other apps with voice calling facilities like Telegram, Skype, Facetime etc. are also said to be blocked in Qatar. People usually use voice massaging feature to overcome this issue.

Can you use BOTIM in Qatar

Even though voice calling feature in several apps are blocked in Qatar, you can still make a normal voice call using BOTIM. People also say that BOTIM is better for voice calling in Qatar than most other popular related apps.

In Qatar, you can make a voice call on BOTIM social messaging app with a normal internet connection and is very clear and easy. To do so, you have to first make sure that the recipient is also available on BOTIM.

Is there any fine for using VPN in Qatar?

Its better not to use VPN in Qatar to access blocked sites or services. There is less chance that someone using a VPN connection is fined in Qatar. But it depends on the purpose of your usage.

Is Instagram calling blocked in Qatar?

Voice calling and video calling via Instagram is blocked in Qatar. You cannot make a clear voice call on Instagram in Qatar with a normal internet connection.

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