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Discover Qatar Quarantine Hotels List [Best Quarantine Hotels 2022]

Are you searching for the best quarantine hotels in Qatar in 2022? Here, we will share with you a list of some of the best hotels for quarantine in Qatar.

Jobs in Qatar

If you are planning to visit Qatar during the COVID-19 pandemic crisis, then there are more chances that you have to stay in hotel quarantine for a few days (as per government rules). Your quarantine duration will also depend on which country are you coming from. In Qatar, other countries are classified into different categories (Green, Red and Exceptional Red List Countries) depending on the COVID-19 risk.

To stay updated with the latest information regarding quarantine and related news, we recommend that you regularly visit the MoPH website and check their official social media accounts.

Discover Qatar Quarantine Hotels List

Below is a list of some of the best hotels for hotel quarantine in Qatar.

Movenpick Hotel DohaCorniche Road, Doha
Wyndham Grand Regency HotelJawaan Street, Doha
Hilton DohaWest Bay, Doha
The Westin DohaSalwa Road, Doha
Movenpick Hotel West BayWest Bay, Doha
Radisson BluSalwa Road, Doha
VIP HotelAl Jahra St, Doha
Grand Hyatt DohaWest Bay Lagoon, Doha
Millennium Plaza DohaDoha
Best Hotels for quarantine in Qatar

Movenpick Hotel Doha

Movenpick Hotel is one of the oldest and famous hotels in Qatar. It has two branches: one in Corniche road and the other in West Bay. The Movenpick Hotel in Corniche road, Doha is one of the best hotels for quarantine in Qatar.

One among us had real quarantine experience in this hotel. We got good facilities in the room. The food here was also amazing. You will get your breakfast, lunch and the dinner early. At some times, you also have options to choose from. That is, you can choose one of the food package from multiple options. The interior and furniture inside the room is also awesome.

One thing I liked about this hotel is their service. Whenever you have an issue or want to report something, you have a phone in your room and in toilet, so that you can contact the reception or their health team on time. Also, there are shops nearby. If you want to order something from outside the hotel, you can contact them and your item will be delivered in minutes, with no delivery cost. For eg: sweets, ice creams etc.

Another thing which I loved about the hotel is the scenery through the window glasses. We got our room facing the Corniche side. So we were able to look through the windows and enjoy the Corniche side and the beautiful roads.

Jobs in Qatar

Wyndham Grand Regency Hotel

Wyndham is another great hotel for quarantine in Qatar. Some of our friends were in this hotel for their quarantine. Most of them had a good experience here.

The Wyndham Hotel is one of the popular 5 star hotel in Qatar. It offers clean rooms and awesome food. They also provide one of the best hotel service in Qatar. One of the thing that you will enjoy in Wyndham is the excellent interior and exterior.

Hilton Doha

What you will love about Hilton Doha is the ambience inside the hotel room and the outside view through the window glass. The hotel rooms has a modern and clean interior design.

The rooms are wonderful, clean and has a great view. Another thing that is best in Hilton Doha is their food and service.

The Westin Doha

One of the best thing that comes to people’s mind when thinking about the Westin Hotel is its interior. The interior and the way they arranged rooms and equipments is awesome.

Westin is a 5 star hotel in Doha. If you are looking for a nice and very luxury ambience inside your hotel room, then this is one of the best option.

Movenpick Hotel West Bay

Movenpick is a 5 star hotel in Doha located near Corniche in the West Bay area. As I said earlier, they have two branches in Qatar. Also, its one of the popular hotels there.

The two thing people love about this hotel is the location and the food. West Bay is a place where there is a lot of tall buildings and good sceneries. If you are looking for a hotel with a very nice view through the windows, then this is a great choice.

Radisson Blu

Radisson Blu has a lot of hotels around the world. This hotel has its own identity in Qatar. Many VIPs when coming to Qatar, chooses this hotel.

Radisson Blu is located along the Salwa Road. This hotel gives you a luxury stay and awesome food. But you may not get a good window scenery like that you get in hotels along the Corniche side.

VIP Hotel

This hotel is located in one of the busy places in Qatar. You can see busy roads through the windows. Also, not surrounded by very tall buildings.

What you will love about this hotel is big and spacious rooms and quality furniture. They also maintains the hotel rooms well.

Grand Hyatt Doha

This hotel has a royal look from the outside like a palace. Grand Hyatt is a 5 star hotel with wonderful view, delicious food, top class service and spacious rooms.

It is located in the West Bay area where you can enjoy a great scenery through the windows. This hotel will provides a very good service too.

Millennium Plaza Doha

Millennium Plaza is a 5 star hotel in Doha, Qatar. Two things you will love about this hotel is their service and facilities. The rooms are also usually maintained very clean here.

If you are looking for a hotel where things are well organized and offers you an awesome stay, then this hotel is a choice for you.

List of all Quarantine Hotels Available in Qatar

Here is the list of all quarantine hotels in Qatar.

  • ​La Cigale Hotel
  • InterContinental Doha – the Beach
  • Mercure Grand Hotel
  • City Centre Rotana
  • The Torch Doha
  • Radisson Blu Hotel
  • The St. Regis Doha
  • Oryx Rotana​
  • Saraya Town Hotel​
  • Grand Hayat Hotel​
  • Park Hyatt Doha
  • AlRayyan Hotel Doha
  • JW Marriott Marquis City Center
  • The Westin Doha
  • Dusit Doha Hotel
  • Dusit D2 Salwa Doha
  • Hilton Doha
  • VIP Hotel
  • InterContinental Doha – The City
  • Crowne Plaza Doha – The Business Park
  • Movenpick Hotel Doha
  • Movenpick Hotel West Bay Doha
  • Warwick Doha
  • Holiday Inn Doha
  • Millennium Hotel Doha
  • Kingsgate Hotel Doha by Millennium Hotels
  • Millennium Central Hotel Doha
  • Retaj Al Rayyan Hotel
  • Centro Capital Doha
  • Grand Regal Hotel
  • Wyndham Doha West Bay
  • Golden Tulip Doha
  • Saraya Corniche Hotel
  • The Royal Riviera Hotel
  • Century Hotel Doha
  • Best Western Plus Doha
  • TIME Rako Hotel
  • Premier Inn Doha Education City Hotel
  • Premier Inn Doha Airport Hotel
  • Al Mansour Plaza Hotel
  • K108 Hotel

Cheap Quarantine Hotels in Qatar

Here is a list of quarantine hotels in Qatar that are usually cheap while compared to others.

  • Safir Doha Hotel
  • Plaza Inn Doha
  • TIME Rako Hotel
  • Kingsgate Hotel Doha by Millennium Hotels
  • The Town Hotel
  • Premier Inn Doha Airport Hotel
  • Premier Inn Doha Education City Hotel
  • Retaj Al Rayyan Hotel
  • Ramada Encore Doha
  • Saraya Town Hotel
  • Grand Regal Hotel

Are there enough Hotels in Qatar for Foreigners

Qatar is a small country but has a large number of hotels. You also have a lot of choices to choose from. As Qatar is a country where people from different part of the world comes to work or to explore the location, they have hotels that give best service to all of them.

For example, if you are from India and want Indian food in your hotel room, or lets say you want to practice yoga for a few hours, you have the facility for this in different hotels.

How to find Best Hotel Room in Qatar for Quarantine

Here we will share some tips that can be used to find the best hotel quarantine service in Qatar.

Ask others about their quarantine experience

The best way to find good hotel quarantine service in Qatar is to ask those people who have already went for hotel quarantine. This can be to your relatives, friends or some other people whom you trust. Ask them to tell you about their hotel quarantine experience and the type of food and service they received there.

There might be hotels that are well known but do not provide a good quarantine service. By this way you will get more idea on the service or facilities provided by those hotels during quarantine.

Check Hotel Reviews Online

You can try checking the online reviews for various hotels and find the best ones. This is a good method which helps you know the real experience of other people. For this, you can check ratings for various hotels on Google business profiles, Trustpilot etc. Here, you will be also able to see the review notes written by others from their past experience.

Search online for hotel facilities

You can search online for facilities available in a specific hotel branch. For example, search the name of the hotel in a specific location that you would like to book for your hotel quarantine.

Suppose you enter the name of a hotel on Google search, now might see the facilities there as images, text reviews or as videos.

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