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Qatar Foundation Job Vacancies in 2022

Are you searching for latest job vacancies in Qatar Foundation? We will help you find the right ones.

Jobs in Qatar

Qatar Foundation is one of the popular non-profit organization. Getting a job there might be a turning point in your life. They provide a good salary package along with other cool benefits.

Here, I will share some tips and best practices to search and apply for jobs in Qatar Foundation. Also, as these are written by my real experience as a job seeker in Qatar, I hope this will help you secure your next job.

How can I find latest Jobs in Qatar Foundation

There are several ways to find the latest jobs in Qatar Foundation. Here, let us check out the best and effective ways to find new jobs in Qatar Foundation.

Qatar Foundation Career Portal

It is recommended to visit the Qatar Foundation career portal to find the latest jobs in Qatar Foundation. You will be able to see the list of current job openings available with them. At the same time, you can also apply to those jobs easily. This is the most preferred way to apply for a job in Qatar Foundation.

Qatar Foundation Career Portal

Qatar Foundation LinkedIn Page

Other than visiting the QF jobs portal, you can also check the Qatar Foundation’s LinkedIn page to see the latest job vacancies.

Established companies and institutions usually posts their job vacancies via their own career portal or LinkedIn page.

When you apply for a job in Qatar Foundation via LinkedIn, you will be taken to their company site or an external link using a button called ‘Apply on company website’. Here, you will be redirected to their career portal or some other sites and you have to apply there.

Jobs in Qatar

To see the job openings on their LinkedIn page, open their LinkedIn page and then go to the Jobs tab.

Check Qatar Foundation’s LinkedIn page

Jobs on Indeed

Indeed is one of the popular online jobs portal. Here, you can search for different job roles or see job opportunities under different companies. If you want to see jobs in Qatar Foundation, then you can search for Qatar Foundation under the Company section.

Indeed has its own section for jobs in Qatar. Check Indeed Qatar here. Finding jobs on Indeed is very easy. Just search for the required job or go to the company page and check out the Jobs section.

See Qatar Foundation’s profile on Indeed

Third Party Job Sites

You can also find relevant vacancies on other job vacancy websites online. But, as there are a lot of new such sites, you have to make sure that the information is authentic. Some sites may not update the jobs every time and you might see expired job vacancies.

Things to know before applying to Qatar Foundation Jobs Vacancy

Now let us check out some of the things to keep in mind before applying to jobs or vacancies in Qatar Foundation.

More preference to Arabic speakers

Qatar Foundation is a non-profit organization in Qatar, and the official language of Qatar is Arabic. So there are more chances that they give more preference to those candidates who can speak Arabic.

Should be locally available

Most companies in Qatar prefer those candidates who are locally available in the country.

There are many people who apply for jobs in Qatar from different countries. If you are locally available, it will be easy for companies to move forward with your application.

Visa Status

I have seen many companies in Qatar usually give more preference to candidates those who are on a visa in Qatar. You can get NOC from your sponsor or change visa to the new company.

Past experience

Past work experience plays an important role in getting hired in a company in most cases. I think it matters more than your qualifications, mainly in the GCC countries. If you have a few years working experience in a well known company/institution, then you are little more closer to getting hired.

GCC experience

As I already said, having relevant past work experience is an advantage when you apply for another job. And in GCC countries, I have seen that companies asking not just work experience, but GCC experience in specific. This is because, the culture and the system followed by the GCC countries is totally different from other part of the world.

When you are applying for job in a GCC company/institution like Qatar Foundation, having GCC work experience will make you stand out for sure.

Final word

I hope that now you have learned how to find and apply for jobs in Qatar Foundation or similar companies/organizations. Now if you have any queries related to this, feel free to comment them below.

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