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How to book Discover Qatar Hotel Quarantine (Step by Step Guide)

In this post you will learn how to book a hotel quarantine in Qatar via the Discover Qatar website.

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The COVID-19 pandemic has brought a lot of changes in the travel procedures in almost every part of the world. If you are visiting Qatar during these times, then you might need to go for hotel quarantine for a few days as recommended by the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH, Qatar). You can visit their official website to see more info regarding this.

The hotel quarantine process for people arriving in Qatar from other countries are managed by the Discover Qatar portal. Here I will show you how to book a hotel quarantine in Qatar easily through the Discover Qatar website.

Things to know before you book a hotel quarantine in Qatar

Before you come to Qatar from any other country, first you should check in what category is your country (Green, Red and Exceptional Red List Countries) regarding Covid-19 risk. (Countries based on Level of COVID-19 Risk)

Also, follow all the rules mentioned on the MoPH website in order to land in Qatar.

We do not recommend booking a “Welcome Home Quarantine Hotel Package” before you read the full MOPH policy and you know what type of quarantine is required for you.

How to Book Hotel Quarantine in Qatar

Time needed: 10 minutes

Now let us check out how to book hotel quarantine in Qatar from the Discover Qatar website.

  1. Go to Discover Qatar website.

    Open the Discover Qatar ‘Welcome Home’ quarantine booking webpage.

  2. Choose the required hotel quarantine plan.

    Now you have to choose the required hotel quarantine plan from the available options. For example: 2 night hotel accommodation.

  3. Click on ‘Book now’.

    After you choose the required hotel quarantine plan, click on the ‘Book now’ button.

  4. Select date(s) for hotel quarantine.

    Now you have to select the date(s) for which you want to book hotel quarantine.

  5. Fill the details.

    Fill out the form asking number of rooms required and age category.

  6. Click on ‘Book Online’.

    Now click on the ‘Book Online’ button.

  7. Select a hotel.

    Select any hotel from the available list for your hotel quarantine. You can sort the hotels list in various orders like Price: Low to High.

  8. Choose rooms.

    After you select a hotel, now you have to choose rooms.

  9. Enter payment details.

    Now in the new webpage, enter the required details like general information, contact details, payment details etc. and complete the order.


Can we book hotel in Qatar for quarantine?

You can book hotel in Qatar for quarantine. For this, you have to visit the Discover Qatar website and choose the appropriate hotel quarantine package. You can refer the MoPH website to see the type of quarantine required for you.

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How much does hotel quarantine cost in Qatar?

The cost of hotel quarantine in Qatar is usually between 900 QAR to 2000 QAR. But this can increase further depending upon several factors like hotel availability, facilities and number of days for your quarantine. If you are looking for a cheap quarantine cost, then you can go for the Mekaines plan.

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