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How to Reach QNCC by Metro

QNCC (Qatar National Convention Centre) is the place where several big events and exhibitions happen in Qatar. This place has a big convention centre which has world class facilities to host international events. If you are to get here by metro or bus from any part of Qatar, this guide might help you.

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QNCC is located in the Gharrafa – Rayyan part of Doha in Qatar. The famous oxygen park in Doha is near to QNCC. People usually come here as a visitor for top events hosted in the convention centre. The place is not in the crowded part of Qatar’s capital city Doha. So, people can reach here easily by bus or metro train.

In this post I will help you reach QNCC (Qatar National Convention Centre) by Metro in the easiest way. Let’s have a look on this.

How to Reach QNCC by Metro

Now let us checkout how to reach QNCC by metro.

Musheireb metro station > Green Line Metro Route (towards Al Riffa) > Exit in the nearest station to QNCC (Qatar National Library Metro station) > Pick a Taxi.

  • If you are coming from places outside Doha to QNCC, then you have to depend on Karwa bus, which is the public transportaion bus service to different parts of the country. You can download the Karwa Bus mobile app to see available routes and bus timing.
  • As Doha Metro is only operating in the important parts of Doha city, as you are coming from outside Doha, you have to find a bus coming to the capital city – Doha.
  • The Doha Bus Station is known as Al Ghanim Bus Station, which is the main bus station in Doha – Qatar. But, the station is said to close in 2022.

For this, I suggest to pick a bus route that has stop in Musheireb. Musheireb is the junction of Doha Metro service. Means, you can get any metro train from Mushereb metro station to anywhere.

Now, purchase a metro ticket and enter the next metro train to Al Riffa, which is the last stop of the green metro line. Now, you can exit in the nearest stop to QNCC, which is Qatar National Library metro station.

QNCC is nearly 3.5 kms away from Qatar National Library. So I recommend picking a taxi ride to QNCC (if you use Uber taxi, the cost of this ride will be just ~ QAR 8).

Cost of travel to QNCC by metro

  1. Karwa bus to Doha (Musheireb): Minimum charge is QAR 2.50 (refer Karwa Bus app for exact ticket fare).
  2. Metro ride: Musheireb metro station to Qatar National Library metro station = QAR 2
  3. Qatar National Library to QNCC: Taxi = ~ QAR 8 (Uber).

How to Reach QNCC by Bus

  • When you reach any bus station in Doha, join a bus service that’s heading towards the Gharrafa region. Exit at bus stop number 51620. Now you have to walk towards QNCC which is nearly 25 minutes from the bus stop.
  • If its hard for you to walk, I suggest go for an Uber taxi ride which costs just QAR 8 (approx.).

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A lot of bus stop names were renamed and bus routes were changed in 2022 in Qatar. This was part of the major changes took place in the year. So its better to use the Karwa Bus app to find the easiest route to any location.

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