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How to Use Google Pay in Qatar

Google Pay is one of the world’s most popular apps for cashless money transfer. It’s already available in countries like Australia, Canada, Singapore, India, UAE etc. People in Qatar were waiting for Google Pay service for a long time as it enables easy cashless money transaction after you connect it with your bank.

People in countries like UAE, India, Singapore may already know how to use Google Pay as they already have the service available in their country. Here, I will help you easily setup and use Google Pay in Qatar.

When was Google Pay launched in Qatar?

Google Pay was officially launched in Qatar in August 2022. The efforts for its launch was taken by Qatar’s popular banking group QNB in collaboration with Google. And now people in Qatar can easily send and receive money with Google Pay.

How to Create an Account in Google Pay in Qatar

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Time Needed : 00 days 00 hours 05 minutes

Follow the steps below to setup and use Google Pay in Qatar.

  1. Download Google Pay mobile application from Google Play Store or iOS App Store.

    Android users can go to Play Store and search for 'Google Pay Qatar'. Google Pay is also known as Google Wallet. Make sure that you use any of the latest version of Android on your phone.

  2. Launch the app on your phone.

    Open the Google Pay app on your device.

  3. Enter your Ooredoo or Vodafone mobile number connected with your bank account in Qatar.

    Now enter your mobile number which is already connected with any bank account in Qatar. Supported banks include QNB (Qatar National Bank) and Commercial Bank of Qatar (CBQ).

  4. Enter the OTP.

    After you enter your mobile number and submit, you will receive an OTP on the same number in a few seconds.

  5. Connect your Google Account.

    Now you have to sign in with your Google Account. If you are already using Gmail or any other Google services, then you can use same account here too.

  6. Secure Google Pay account on your device.

    Now you have to set a security code and follow some measures to keep your account secured. You have to verify this password or fingerprint while you open the app in future.

Done. Now you have successfully created an account on Google Pay.

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How to Add a Bank Account in Google Pay

Follow the steps below to add your bank account in Google Pay Qatar.

  1. Open Google Pay (Google Wallet) app on your mobile phone.
  2. Click on the profile icon at the top right of the screen.
  3. Click on the add bank account option.
  4. Now the required bank account connected to your mobile number.

Now you have to verify the account.

Please note that, if you haven’t connected the mobile number with bank account, you may not be able to set up the Google Wallet account. So, first make sure that you have done this.

You can also connect your debit card with Google Pay. It’s simple.

Things to Know before you Setup Google Pay (Google Wallet) in Qatar.

Please make sure that you have done these before you setup your Google Pay account in Qatar. These will help you use Google Pay with ease.

  1. Connect your mobile number with the bank account.
  2. Have a debit card for your bank account.
  3. Link Google Pay with your personal Gmail account which will help you in critical situations.
  4. Never share your app lock or transaction password with someone.
  5. Make sure you have inserted the SIM card in your phone and it’s active.
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Fathima Shareef
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