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16 Best Online Shopping Websites in Qatar

Even though Qatar is a small country by size, it’s one of the most richest country in the world. The shopping culture of Qatar is similar to other developed countries. People spend a lot of money for shopping online.

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If you are living in Qatar and searching for the best online shopping websites, I will help you find them. I have some worthy suggestions for you to check out.

Even though Qatar has a plenty of e-commerce online shopping sites, only a few of them are efficient. When you place an order on some of the shopping websites in Qatar, you will see that your package arrives after a few days only. Means, there is a good delay. But if you shop wisely, you can make it work for you.

There are several things that you should consider before you purchase from an online shopping website. Or you might end up wasting your valuable money. In this post, I have listed some of the best shopping websites in Qatar.

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Best Online Shopping Websites in Qatar

Here is the list of 16 best online shopping websites in Qatar.

AlAnees Qatar

AlAnees Qatar is the best online shopping website in Qatar for mobile phones, tablets, smartwatches, air pods, gadgets and other electronics. Founded in 2016, AlAnees Qatar offers one of the best collection of smartphones and gadgets at best price in Qatar. If you are to buy a new iPhone or a new gadget in Qatar, my suggestion for you is AlAnees Qatar.

One thing that makes AlAnees Qatar stand out from other online shopping sites is quality electronic goods at cheap price. They also offers same day delivery for your online orders. If you are to buy a smartphone or any gadget stuffs, AlAnees Qatar is the best option for you.

AlAnees Qatar Online Shopping Website
AlAnees Qatar Online Shopping Website

I personally had an online shopping experience from AlAnees. I ordered a cover for my smartphone in the morning and I received the order by evening. The mode of payment was Cash On Delivery. Their delivery is amazingly fast. The packing was also superb and gives you a brand feeling. You also have an option to see and purchase physically from their pickup points in some of the locations in Doha. They also have a WhatsApp chat where you can place orders directly from WhatsApp.


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  • Trusted Website for Electronics, Smartphones and Gadgets
  • Same Day Delivery
  • Best Service in Qatar
  • Availability of Latest Items

Jazp Online Shopping

Jazp is one of the most popular online shopping site in Qatar. They have a wide range of electronics and gadgets including iPhones, Air Pods and smartwatches. You can purchase online using card or Cash On Delivery.

Jazp has a website in which the product information and delivery details are well mentioned. If you want to purchase gadgets online at cheap prices, Jazp is a best option for you. They offer smart phones and other gadgets at very cheap prices in Qatar.


  • One of the Best Website for Mobile Phones and Gadgets
  • Smartphones and Gadgets at Cheap Price


OurShopee is a leading online shopping website in the Middle East. They have delivery available in UAE, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait and Bahrain. Our Shopee has a wide range of products to choose from, like electronics, home appliances, furniture, fashion & clothing, kids, toys etc.

OurShopee website offers a very good user friendly experience. They have a good collection of pre-owned items from categories like mobile pones, printers, laptops etc.


  • Good Collection of Electronics and Smartphones
  • Cheap Prices

Talabat Mart

Talabat Mart is the online grocery and daily items shopping division from the online food delivery giant Talabat. Talabat is the most popular online food delivery service in Qatar. In Talabat Mart, you can order from a wide range of daily grocery items like daily products, chicken & meat, fruits, vegetables, frozen items, cool drinks etc.

Talabat Mart has a special section called ‘Love Qatar’ where you can find some of the best products made in Qatar. You can make orders and pay cash on delivery. Their delivery is stunningly fast. You can receive your grocery orders in 20 to 30 minutes on Talabat Mart usually in Qatar.

Two things that make Talabat Mart stand out is their fast delivery and availability of wide range of products.


  • Good Range of Food, Grocery and Daily Essential Items
  • Best Prices & Offers
  • Super Fast Delivery
  • Trusted Service

Mzad Qatar

Mzad Qatar is a mobile application where you can find used items in their classified ads and also shop online at the same time. Mzad Qatar is usually mostly used by Qatari citizens than residents for online shopping. They have a wide range of items and offers cash on delivery on the same day.

Mzad Qatar online shopping is not much used by expats in Qatar. The prices on Mzad Qatar is a bit high when we compare with other online shopping platforms. But in Mzad Qatar, you can find some unique goods that may not be found commonly on other sites.


  • Collection of Unique Products in Qatar
  • Best Quality Items
  • Multi Vendor Online Shopping Platform

Qsales Online Shopping

Qsales Online Shopping - Best Online Household Shopping Website in Qatar
Qsales Online Shopping – Best Online Household Shopping Website in Qatar

Qsales Online Shopping is a popular online shopping platform to buy household products in Qatar. They have a wide range of household and home products that are hard to find anywhere in Qatar. Main categories include storage & organization, kitchen items, cooking stuffs, cleaning & homecare, bathroom, beauty and skin care etc.

To purchase online from Qsales, you can check their website, Facebook page or Instagram shopping page. They also offers facility to order directly via WhatsApp chat.


  • FREE Delivery
  • Same Day Delivery Anywhere Qatar
  • Cash On Delivery
  • Direct Order via WhatsApp
  • Unique Home & Kitchen Products

Carrefour Qatar

Carrefour is an international shopping brand which also let you shop online via their website or mobile app. They offer same day delivery for orders made via their website. Main categories include grocery, daily need items, electronics and gadgets.

Carrefour also has offline stores in Qatar in some of the major destinations in Qatar like Villagio Mall, Mall of Qatar etc. Carrefour Qatar is accepted equally among Qatar citizens and residents. But recently lot of people started boycotting their products and services since there were some news about Carrefour that circulated in main news services (see source).


  • Quality Products
  • Availability of Groceries and Daily Need Items

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StarLink Online Qatar

StarLink is an electronics and gadgets shopping site in Qatar. It is owned by Ooredoo, one of the top telecom company in Qatar. StrakLink Qatar has a wide range of premium electronics and gadgets. They also offer products at reasonable prices.

According to StarLink, your orders will be delivered within 24 hours. Also has a free delivery option for orders above QR 100. You can pay online on their website using your card or QPay. Customer support is available via chat, call, WhatsApp or e-mail.


  • Best Website to Buy Smartphones in Qatar
  • Part of Ooredoo telecom company


Amazon is an international e-commerce giant. But it does not has a dedicated shopping website for Qatar. To shop online from Amazon in Qatar, you have to depend on the international version of Amazon. One reason that most people choose Amazon is the wide range of product availability on their website.

When you want to shop online in Qatar from Amazon, you have to keep a few things in mind. Even though you can find a variety of products, it might take more than 3 days for it to get your order delivered in Qatar. Also, lot of items on Amazon are now available in other online stores at a cheaper price.


  • International E-commerce giant
  • Availability of wide range of products

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IKEA Qatar

IKEA is a popular company that sells ready-to-assemble furniture, kitchen ware and home accessories. Their physical location in Qatar is Umm Salal, Qatar. Ikea is the best website to buy furnitures, home and kitchen wares online. They will deliver items right to your home. The happy new is that shipping is free on many items in the IKEA online store.

You can order furniture from IKEA and assemble them yourself easily with the help of tutorials and installation manuals.


  • Well known furniture brand
  • Easy to assemble and install


Decathlon is famous for exercise and sports goods. Now they have an online shopping website to help people purchase items online. Their physical store located near to Doha Festival City along the Umm Salal highway.

Decathlon has a wide range of sports goods and equipment to choose from. If you are planning a trip or adventure, then its easy for you to shop for related items. Just open Decathlon Qatar website and make an order. They will delivery in your location.


  • Delivery of Sports Goods & Equipment
  • Popular Sports Equipment Seller

LuLu Hypermarket

LuLu is a well known retail chain across Middle East. They have more than 10 retail outlets in Qatar. If you are not interested to shop offline, or want to get your items delivered home, you can order from their mobile app or website. When you shop on LuLu online, they will assign time slot for your order and deliver in the same period.

Lulu Hypermarket Online Shopping
Lulu Hypermarket Online Shopping

LuLu hypermarket online has a fast delivery system. It’s easy to get grocery items delivered from LuLu to your location in Qatar.


  • Availability of Wide Range of Products
  • Quality Items
  • Best for Grocery and Daily Essentials

Safari Hypermarket

Safari is a retail chain with multiple branches in Qatar. You can shop their products online using mobile application or website. With a charge of QR 10 for small orders, and free delivery for big orders. Safari Online will deliver your items in top locations inside Qatar. You have to select a time slot for receiving your order.


  • Wide Range of Grocery and Daily Essential Products
  • Option to Choose Delivery Time Slot
  • Best Customer Support
  • Punctual & Careful Delivery

Kulud Pharmacy

Kulud Pharmacy is a well known pharmacy chain in Qatar. They have branches in many top locations in Doha. Now you can order medicines online in Qatar from Kulud Pharmacy’s online store. A range of general medicines are available in stock. You can choose your preferred delivery time and they will deliver it accordingly.


  • Best for Medicines Home Delivery
  • Option to Choose Time for Delivery

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Star Tech Store

One thing that make Star Tech Store stand out is their wide range of mobile phones and accessories. You can enquire about products via WhatsApp directly from their website. Star Tech Store has an average of 100,000 visitors a month in 2022.


  • Good Collection of Smartphones and Other Gadgets
  • Same Day Delivery

Discounts Qatar

Discounts Qatar is a website that lets you find the best online shopping offers in Qatar. When you search for a keyword, it will show you related products from various online shopping websites in Qatar. This will help you to find the best and cheap offers.

Main items in Discounts Qatar include smartphones, electronics and gadgets. While you click to buy an item, you will be taken to the website with the mentioned offer.


  • Helps you Find the Best Online Shopping Offers in Qatar
  • A platform with various e-commerce websites in Qatar
  • Easy to check for awesome deals

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Things to check before Purchasing from an Online Shopping Website

Here are some of the things that you should check before you buy something from online shopping websites in Qatar.

Quality of the Product

There are a lot of online shopping sites in Qatar, but some of them can make you in trouble after you place an order from those websites. Make sure that the items on the website is of good quality.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is one thing that you must check before shopping online. This include easy returns, refunds, and cancellation policy. Also the way the delivery representative behave to a customer. Solving issues after a purchase must be easier.

Package Delivery Time

Delivery time is one of the important thing you should check before purchase from an online store. Some shopping websites in Qatar don’t have warehouse or store rooms inside the country and they ship from other countries. This might make a delay in receiving the order.

Local Shopping Sites

Local shopping sites are the best most of the times. They can deliver your order faster and manage refund and returns very easily and effectively. But make sure that it’s a trusted online store. And one best thing with the local shopping websites in Qatar is that they offer same day delivery to top places inside the country.

Free Delivery

This is one thing that may not affect all. Usually local shopping websites in Qatar offer free delivery in Doha, and a few Riyals for orders outside Doha. But when you shop from an international shopping website in Qatar, they might charge you high delivery charges.

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Fathima Shareef
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