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Is AlBaik in Qatar the Real Saudi AlBaik (Answer)

There have been many news and discussions on the internet and social media about the newly opened AlBaik branch in Al Rayyan, Qatar. Here we will give a clarification for you regarding this.

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AlBaik is a popular fast food chain that has many branches in many regions of Saudi Arabia. It’s well liked by the people in Middle East in the same way how KFC and McDonalds is famous in western countries.

Is AlBaik in Qatar the Real Saudi AlBaik?

AlBaik in Qatar
AlBaik in Al Rayyan, Qatar

The recently opened AlBaik in Muaither area, Al Rayyan, Qatar looks similar to the original Saudi AlBaik. There are lot of people who got confused by this.

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The new opened AlBaik in Qatar is not owned by the original Saudi AlBaik fast food chain. This was officially clarified by AlBaik Qatar via their social media.

The AlBaik Broast Pizza Restaurant is a 100% Qatari project. They also mentioned that they have no connection with any project outside the State of Qatar.

Is AlBaik open in Qatar

What makes people think AlBaik is Open in Qatar

The AlBaik fast food restaurant in Qatar is often mistaken. The main reason for this is it’s logo and branding which is very identical to the original Saudi food chain called AlBaik.

Another reason for this is, AlBaik does not have any outlets in Qatar, but people are waiting for a long time for it to open.

AlBaik Qatar Menu

Here is the food menu of AlBaik fast food restaurant in Muaither, Al Rayyan area, Qatar.

AlBaik Qatar Menu
AlBaik Al Rayyan, Qatar – Food Menu


Is there AlBaik in Qatar?

Qatar does not have any AlBaik outlets in the country. There are few other fast food outlets in some part of Qatar with the same name. But they are not owned by the original Saudi AlBaik.

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Is AlBaik available in India?

AlBaik restaurants are available in different parts of India. Even though it looks similar to Saudi AlBaik, they are owned by different people.

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