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Qatar Zip Code – Full List

Most countries usually use zip codes or postal codes to identify places. This will be used while you send a courier parcel or when you fill an address form. Qatar does not have zip code for any address or place. When you are asked to enter the zip code in Qatar, you can just enter 00000. This is used as the default zip code for any place in Qatar.

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You can see different online websites or payment services ask you for zip code. You can use the same 00000 the five digit number as the zip code for any location in Qatar.

Qatar Zip Code

AreaZip Code
Al Rayyan00000
Al Daayen00000
Al Khor00000
Umm Salal00000
Al Wakra00000
Pearl Qatar00000
Al Mansoura00000
Sanaya (Industrial Area)00000
Al Hilal00000
Qatar Zip Code List

How to dial a Qatar telephone number with country code?

If you are calling to a Qatari telephone number from outside of the country, you can add +974 as the country code. In some cases 00974 or adding just 974 works too. Telephone numbers in Qatar usually has a total of eight digit excluding country code.

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Qatar country code: +974

FAQs – Qatar Zip Code / Postal Code

  1. What is zip postal code of Qatar?

    Qatar does not have a zip code or postal code. In case if you are asked to enter a Qatar zip code, you can just add 00000 or any 5 digit random number.

  2. How to find an address in Qatar without zip code?

    Qatar uses a system of three codes to located any address inside the country. This is a combination of building number, street number and zone number. You can reach any landmark or address in Qatar with just these three codes. So you do not need to use a zip code or postal code.

  3. What is Doha area code?

    The area code for Doha is +974. Also, Doha does not have a zip code. You can reach any location in Doha with it's building, street and zone number. If you are asked to enter the zip code of Doha, then just enter 00000.

  4. What is PO box in Qatar?

    PO box in Qatar is the number allocated by the post office. It is usually of five digits. Your couriers or parcels in Qatar will be delivered to your PO Box number. To get a PO box for your use, go to the nearest Post Office (QPost) in Qatar and submit an application.

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