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How to Find Address in Qatar with QAddress, Blue Plate

Q Address is a mobile application or service that allows you to find any location in Qatar with just the Building No., Street No. and Zone Number. You can download the Q Address Android mobile application or go to any similar service providing website to find address in Qatar.

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How to Find Address in Qatar with QAddress

  1. Download Q Address Android mobile application.
  2. Open the app on your device.
  3. Enter the three coordinates.
  4. Building number, Street number and Zone number.
  5. Press the Search button.

Done. Now the required address will load below in the same screen. You can use either Google Maps or Waze to see the route and navigation details.

Download QAddress App

Click here to download the Q Address mobile application for Android devices.

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Q Address App for iPhone

Q Address app is not available for iPhone, or any iOS devices. But you can use the same service from Q Address providing websites. For frequent use, you can bookmark the Q Address webpage or add it to your home screen.

How to Find Address in Qatar with Blue Plate

The best way to find an address or a location in Qatar is using the Blue Plate number issued by the Government of Qatar. This will provide you the exact location of a building or a house in Qatar.

Just use the Q Address app and enter the info available on the blue plate to the app. Now you will find the location.

In some cases, blue plate numbers may not work on Q Address app. Some reasons for this are: the blue plate is very newly issued, you entered the wrong values, or the info is not updated in the app.

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