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How to check Visa status in Qatar

Qatar is a beautiful place which the tourists from all over the world love visiting throughout the year. Despite the spread of corona virus, Qatar welcomed about 611k tourists in 2021.  People not only travel in flocks to admire Qatar’s magnificence, but also for job opportunities.

Jobs in Qatar

Visa is a seal of approval placed in your passport which allows you to enter, stay or leave a country. Qatar offers you different kinds of visas for different purposes.

There are 193 countries in the world and citizens from 90+ countries do not require a visa to enter Qatar. These countries include Britain, USA, Australia, Canada and so on. The people from other nations are allowed to travel to Qatar visa-free and stay for at least a period of 30 days.

Things You Should Have Before You Apply for Qatar Visa

It is important to carry your visa if you are citizen of a nation that Qatar requires visa from. The visa process is quite simple. You must have,

  • Your original passport with  6 months validity and minimum of 3 blank pages.
  • All your old passports, if any.
  • Colour copy of the first and last page of your passport.
  • Passport size colour photograph with a white background.

How to Check Visa Status in Qatar

If you have planned to visit Qatar and have applied for a visa already, the visa status can be checked online in a few simple steps. The Ministry of Interior (MOI), Qatar allows you to check your visa status online. All you need is your passport number or your number to check the validity and status of your Qatar visa.

Qatar is a country in the Middle East that has a population of 2.6 million people and is one of the wealthiest countries in the world. Qatar is also a member of the Gulf Cooperation Council, an organization that was established to help promote economic development in member countries.

If you are planning to visit Qatar, you will need to get a visa before arriving. You can apply for a tourist visa if you plan on staying for less than 30 days or you can apply for an employment visa if you plan on working while visiting Qatar.

Qatar has strict laws and punishments when it comes to drugs and alcohol so be sure not to bring any with you when entering the country.

In order to enter Qatar, visitors must present their passport at the border control checkpoint.

Jobs in Qatar

How Can I Check My Qatar Visa Status With My Passport Number?

You can now check your Qatar visa status online with your passport number. Doesn’t that sound easy?

Below are the steps to check your Qatar visa status.

  1. Open the Qatar Ministry of Interior website or click the link
  2. Click on the magnifying glass that says “Inquiries”.
  3. Click on the binocular that says “Visa Inquiry and Printing”
  4. Type in your passport number or visa number and select your nationality. Then type the security code. Click on submit.

The above steps enable you to check the status of your Qatar visa irrespective of your visa type and nationality.

What to do if your Visa is invalid

  • that your visa has been issued
  • to check the authenticity of your visa
  • to check if your visa is a duplicate visa
  • to check if your travel agency has processed your visa application properly.

How to check Qatar visa status on QVC website

The citizens of Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh, India and Philippines can check their Qatar visa status on the QVC website as well.

Below are the steps to check your visa status on the QVC website.

  1. Open the official Qatar Visa Center website or click on the link
  2. Select your preferred language and country of origin. (If you’ve enabled automatic location detection on your browser, it will automatically select the language and region)
  3. Click on the “Track Application” option from the home page.
  4. Click on the “Submit” button to check the status of your visa application.

Only the citizens of Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, India and Philippines can check the status from the QVC website. Citizens of all the other nations can check their Qatar visa status on the Ministry of Interior website.

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Fathima Shareef
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