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Carrying Medicines to Qatar – Things to Know Before You Travel

People use different types of medicines to cure illness or disease. If its part of their daily life, then they consider taking medicines with them. If you are suffering from a disease and you are traveling, then it is important to take medicine on time. Making compromise on this may cause severe impacts.

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But there are few things that you should care if you are taking your medicines with you while traveling to another country. All countries have their own list of drugs and medicines that is prohibited in those countries. Also, there is special measures to be taken if you keep your medicine with you while traveling. You must follow the rules of keeping medicines with you on travel and also the rules and measures in the destination country.

There is a list of medicines/drugs that are not allowed to carry while you travel to Qatar. If you are traveling to Qatar with medicines in your luggage or handbag, there are few things you should care.

General Rule for taking medicine while traveling to Qatar

When you are traveling to Qatar with medicine, you have to keep doctor’s prescription with you. It’s better to have the seal or signature to prove its authenticity. Also, the medicines should have packing in their original condition.

Types of medicines prohibited while traveling to Qatar

  • You are not allowed to carry those medicines which are banned locally or globally.
  • You cannot carry medicines mentioned in the list (a) and list (b) of Law (9) issued in 1987 regarding anti-drugs and dangerous psychotropic substances. Also, those items registered at schedule No. (3) of the same Law.

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Medicines that are banned in Qatar

The government of Qatar has a clear policy regarding carrying medicines while traveling to Qatar. Medicines like Lyrica, Tramadol, Xanax, Morphine, Valium, Zolam, Methadone are restricted in Qatar.

See this list to know more about restricted or banned medicines in Qatar. Click here

Medicines that are not allowed to carry when you travel from India to Qatar

The Indian Embassy in Qatar has published a traveling advice on the transport of drugs in the country, to warn residents to exercise caution. You cannot carry medicines that contain narcotics or psychotropic substances.

Medicines prohibited when you travel to Qatar include Codeine, Alprazolam (Xanax), Diazepam (Valium), Zolam, Clonazepam, Zolpidem, Methadone, Pregabalin, Lyrica and Tramadol.

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See full info regarding this here.

Bringing Medicines to Qatar – FAQs

Can i bring homeopathy medicine to Qatar?

You are allowed to carry homeopathy medicine to Qatar if you have doctor’s prescription letter with you. Also, the packing of these medicines should be in their original condition. It is also better to have an authorized seal or signature of the hospital or the doctor.

Can i carry ayurvedic medicine while traveling to Qatar?

You can carry ayurvedic medicines with you when you travel to Qatar if you have the doctor’s prescription letter. But you may not be always asked to present it. Ayurvedic medicines are legal in Qatar.

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