Gratuity Calculator Qatar

Welcome to our guide on how to calculate gratuity in Qatar. Figuring out your gratuity rights in Qatar can be difficult for you if you don’t know how to calculate it or the rules regarding gratuity. This blog post breaks down how gratuity or end of service works here and introduces our easy Gratuity Calculator. Whether you are from abroad or living here in Qatar, knowing what you are owed in gratuity matters. Our calculator is here to help you figure it out easily.

Here, we will walk you through how to calculate gratuity in Qatar and get you quick estimate on how much gratuity you might get. So, whether you are wondering about your benefits after a certain period or thinking about changing jobs, our calculator can help you plan better.

Gratuity Calculator Qatar

Qatar Gratuity Calculator

To learn more about gratuity rules in Qatar, kindly refer Labour Laws regarding End of Service Gratuity.

Gratuity in Qatar – FAQs

  1. How to calculate gratuity in Qatar?

    In Qatar, gratuity is calculated based on the employee's length of service and their final basic salary. The Qatar Labor Law stipulates the formula for gratuity calculation, which is as follows:
    Gratuity = (Number of years of service) × (21 days' wages)

  2. How is daily wage calculated in Qatar?

    The daily wage is usually calculated by dividing the monthly wage by 30 (considering a 30-day month).

  3. How much is gratuity after 5 years in Qatar?

    In Qatar, the gratuity amount after 5 years of continuous service is calculated using the formula stipulated by the Qatar Labor Law:
    Gratuity = (Number of years of service) × (21 days' wages)
    So, after 5 years of service, the gratuity entitlement would be:
    Gratuity = 5 years × 21 days' wages
    To determine the exact monetary value, the number of days' wages for one year needs to be calculated based on your salary. The gratuity is typically calculated using the employee's basic salary.
    For example, if your basic monthly salary is 10,000 QAR:
    Daily wage = Monthly salary / 30 days
    Daily wage = 10,000 QAR / 30 days = 333.33 QAR per day (approx.)
    Gratuity for 5 years = 5 years × 21 days' wages
    Gratuity for 5 years = 5 years × 21 days × 333.33 QAR
    Gratuity for 5 years = 34,999.65 QAR (approx.)

  4. What are the eligibility criteria for gratuity in Qatar?

    Below are the summary of minimum requirements to be eligible for gratuity in Qatar:
    1. The employee must have completed at least one year in work.
    2. The employee must be paid minimum of 21 days basic salary for every year that he has completed.
    3. The last paid basic salary is considered as the basic salary for gratuity calculation.